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Roleplay Time!

Roleplay Time!

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łittłę mįšś ërrør By Queen_Rixel Updated 7 days ago


Just a heads-up, it's Aphmau themed... If ya couldn't tell by the cover :\
Except for a few rps. Might add other stuff, too. 

'Kay, have fun! Rules and forms are in the book.

Katie_X_D Katie_X_D Jul 14, 2016
Name: Scarlet 
                              Appearance: Red hair with red eyes 
                              Casual outfit: A black sweater with a black skirt and black boots
                              Formal: A red dress up to her knee
                              Crush: Aaron
                              Siblings: Katelyn 
                              Personality: Mean,kinda nice, athletic, protective
                              Other: She has a scar on her cheak due to a fight.
_Mask_girl_ _Mask_girl_ Sep 09, 2016
My Oc is ...
                              Brooke she looks like Katelyn but wears purple and Has Brown hair and blue highlights.She cuts her self  he family is the Ro'Meave she likes Travis he is her best friend her only best friend she heartbroken when him and Katelyn started to Date
                              So can I join now?
Spindlerjk Spindlerjk Jul 22, 2016
Mine is in my oc book Kim 
                              Crush :Garroth and maybe Ricky 
                              Bffs:Aphmau and Garroth
- - Jul 15, 2016
Name: Jerza Fernandes 
                              Age: 12
                              Gender: Female 
                              Appearance: Has Hazel eyes and brown hair with red at the ends.
                              Casual outfit: A white sun dress.
                              Formal outfit: a red dress.
                              Crush: open 
                              Sibling: none 
                              Roommate: Open 
                              Personality: Fierce, competitive.
                              Best friends: I'll make some