Seducing Jeon Jungkook

Seducing Jeon Jungkook

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// S S Y// By sugasugayoon Completed

"I love you," He breathed out while looking straight into your eyes. His breath hitched as you graze your thumb on his lips. 

A small smirk left your face as you pulled the man towards you. I won. You said to yourself. You're mine now, Jeon Jungkook.

DISCLAIMER:  RATED MATURE. Includes strong profanity, graphic sexual content and some disturbing scenes. Please PLEASE do NOT read if uncomfortable with such scenes. MY STORIES DOES NOT REFLECT THE REAL PERSON'S PERSONALITY NOR HIS ACTIONS. THIS IS ALL PURE FICTION.

-vhyung- -vhyung- Aug 05
It's like this is a warning telling me not to read this because I know it's gonna fūck me up but I'm still gonna read because I was born for this type of stuff hehehe
i know exactly wtf i am getting myself into and I don't mind
jantierria jantierria Apr 07
I'm am ready I got like 5 pairs of panties sitting on my dresser let's go boi 👅💦😏
Well my opinion she deserves this but y/n you were too mean and savage that was too much
Boi I have 10000 panties in my hand right now.
                              Let's get this started!
_alexis_ss _alexis_ss 10 hours ago
Good thing I don't have a bias in BTS because they are all bias wreckers.