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On The Run (Mithzan X Reader)

On The Run (Mithzan X Reader)

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Minion_Writes By Minion_Writes Updated Nov 20, 2016

You're 19 years old and your parents abuse you, you have no friends and your dad left when you were 8, your mum got remarried to another man that you get forced to call your dad, they both hurt you and abuse you. One day you decide you've had enough, you finally leave and run away from home. Will you get hurt or kidnapped? Or will someone help you and protect you? Read on to find out! :D

(Y/N) - Your name
(Y/L/N) - Your last name
(H/C) - Hair colour
(F/C) - Favourite colour

More will be added but I'll put those ones when it comes to it :3

I hope you enjoy my new book!

Sansational66 Sansational66 Dec 09, 2016
Yo for me I don't want this as a x reader so every time it say you or (y/n) Imma put Ross there
r23ocx r23ocx Dec 20, 2016
Ever heard of Childline? XD Sure, I get I'm 19 but...You could still call someone to help the police .-.
CiciTheMifwa CiciTheMifwa 2 days ago
y/n- Megan (or rj)
                              y/l/n- wolf
                              h/c- dirtyblond
                              f/c- green
little-_-deva little-_-deva 2 days ago
Can you make this very funny I like laughing when I read my x readers.😁😄🤑😂
AutumnSayne AutumnSayne Feb 19
rose                                                                                       little                                                                                                       minigh                                                                                        red
                              Cyan with 2 purple strips in the front
                              Cyan purple black and gray