Closed Minds: IKWYT

Closed Minds: IKWYT

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"His body was flawless-logically speaking, I mean. No scars or anything suggesting he'd been implanted with a psycho gene."

I tilted my head to one side. "Don't you mean a psychic gene?"

"Is there a difference with you people?"

Mallory Bleak and her friends defeated the Blackstake Witch three months ago at a cost. 
  Now, however, a different game begins with players old and new risking their lives in a twisted conspiracy. This time the individual behind a string of shocking incidents makes no secret of their identity--and that's just the bloody problem. 
  What on earth is the Heirs' Club, and why are its members dropping like flies?
  How, exactly, are mind readers born?
  Why is Mal's own power developing at an alarming rate, and how long will it be before she's forced to unleash it again?
  And, worst of all, what are the colossal secrets her friends Davey and Kim hide just beyond her reach?
  Meanwhile the greatest threat of all waits and watches.
  The enigmatic Alice Auspire is sitting on a weapon that could rip the trio's fragile peace to shreds
  --as well as, you know, the rest of the world.

cumpassed cumpassed Jul 28
Wait who is Georgia I feel like she was a character in the last book but I also don't think so
I'm ao happy this book exists but I am so freaking confused right now.
I'm excited to read this book. The first one was incredibly amazing so keep up the good work.
I almost want to ask you to kïll him again; anything is better than that! Almost, but I'm just so incredibly happy he's alive!