Lesson learned (GirlxGirl) StudentxTeacher

Lesson learned (GirlxGirl) StudentxTeacher

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Bloodthirsty Bambi By MixyJ13 Updated Jun 11

"I hate it! I hate this town, I hate the people, I hate the places, I hate everything! I just want to go back where my heart belongs."

Addriana is a seventeen year old girl who knows what she wants in life. To get out of the place where she lives and go back to her hometown where her childhood sweetheart is waiting for her. Or so she thinks.

What will happen when a familiar face appears as the new science teacher and turns the whole world upside down once again?

After all, forbidden  things are always the sweetest, right?

nazoeli nazoeli Jul 07, 2016
Awe I loved the part when they were confessing their love for each other
Language_Sarcasm Language_Sarcasm Oct 05, 2016
And you had to put the hottest woman in the world in the book, damnnn
HarmonizeUrMind HarmonizeUrMind Jul 06, 2016
Great so far! I think the twin puppies with matching names is really cute
I knew I heard her heart break...Now I'm even seeing the pieces...Poor thing
controllerxvz controllerxvz Dec 20, 2016
😭😭😭😭second chapter already has me in tears like wth
Jimin_LittlePrince Jimin_LittlePrince Nov 12, 2016
Scarlett: (walks in) i want all yall hoes to know. That a real teacher just hit tha door. I did not beg for this job i was chose