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One Night Stand [MARKSON]

One Night Stand [MARKSON]

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완손852 By wanson852 Updated Apr 24

"That was just a one night stand. Chill out, Mark" I said to myself as I looked at my own reflection in the mirror.
  Wait, what?! What are you thinking, Yi En? You can't say that it was 'just' a one night stand. That's gross! You sounded gross. You can't chill out like that. You'll get even more crazy about it. You're a guy for Pete's sake! 
  That... That thing you... You and Jackson did--- I cringed when I suddenly remembered that night. I messed my hair, trying to avoid having those thoughts. 
  Damn you, Gaga! I swear I'm never gonna lay a finger on you ever again! To think that I.. I let you get in to me--- Gross, shit! Eeew! I sounded so gay! 
  I made myself calm, and once again looked at myself in the mirror. "Okay, that was an accident. An accident. It was an accident! Mark, it was an accident. Got it?" 
  It has been a month since that night happened. I should stop thinking about it. It's really unfair for me. Jackson seemed to forget all of it, and I'm still paranoid about it!

-gotsevens -gotsevens Mar 30
how tf can your dick "accidentally" make its way inside of mark's hole
tuanshaen tuanshaen May 27
Well, Markson is everyday drunk I guess. If ya know what I mean😉
Abratasas Abratasas Feb 18
When your dick accidentally slips into your best friends ass bUT YOU ARE N O T GAY AT ALL
andrea250 andrea250 Jan 26
you are totally not GAY!!! you both are just gay for each other.
bayreux bayreux Feb 26
Oh my god! This drunken confession is actually beautiful 😂😍❤💖
DessertKisses DessertKisses Dec 19, 2016
Actually that was pretty good, I'm proud of you if it's your first time 👏👏👏