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하나 (우란) By MsPark_Hana Completed

"T-that's for our fans Youngjae-ah, you know that 2jae ship is very popular and we are idols so we must give them fan service"

" Fan service.... I see hyung.... I get it..."

My first fanfiction ♡ (2Jae and 2Jae because 2Jae is real :p)

The highest #68 in short story >_<

-jypeach -jypeach 6 hours ago
Jaebum to a girl: well hi my name's jaebum wanna dat-
                              *youngjae sneezes*
                              Jaebum: *slaps the girl away* IM NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE
U r straight as Youngjae's butt. U might want to check it out by urself... 😏
"I'm straight though" 
                              CAUGHT IN A LIIIIEEEEE
                              Can't tell if Jealous my bias is kissing my sunshine or jealous of my sunshine getting kisses.
*Sucks in a breath* CAUGHT IN kind of a lie but not really but still is but has some truth but he is totally lie to himself and Youngjae
Jaebum:hi im jaebum and im straight...
                              Youngjae comes in
                              Jaebum:ok im not straight