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Two Sided 『Jeon Jungkook』

Two Sided 『Jeon Jungkook』

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=°›‹°= By kitkrystal Completed

The boy within. Innocently playful.

She was going to expose him undercover.
But there was more to him than she expected.

Sweetsunshine292 Sweetsunshine292 Nov 28, 2016
I mean unless you're talking bout bullying younger siblings then that' just like another story...
Anjo-1316 Anjo-1316 Jul 07, 2016
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I eyes what did I read. "Can you resist me?" Oh I can not resist you!
Elenix_Viral06 Elenix_Viral06 Oct 22, 2016
Well I made 14 and I can and always could do something violent.....:)
Jungkook actually committed millions of crimes he stoled many army's heartsu
I mean that's why his name is Devil Maknae so...... Also I threw a snow glob at my sis, when I was 7. I almost committed violence! It hit the door, unfortunately.
Suga_Jungkook_love Suga_Jungkook_love Nov 07, 2016
Yo bruh im 11 and I damn near broke my bestfriends arm.............he deserved it