Royal and Loyal (MikaYuu)

Royal and Loyal (MikaYuu)

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Once upon a time, the world was ruled by the vampires, when we humans were mere servants to them.

There was kingdom called "Yolvan", ruled by a selfish king and merciful queen. They had one son whose name was Mikaela--they wanted him to be the best of all, while he wanted to live a normal life away from the responsibility of being a prince. 

The fact that the king and the queen were not aware of, that their son was in love with a human slave--Yuuichiro. Mika didn't want to tell his parents about his love for Yuu, for they would be angry because he fell in love with a human slave, and above all, for them love between two males was an unforgivable sin.

P.S: I don't own the characters, they are all from Owari no Seraph manga by Takaya Kagami, accept for the king and the queen.

YaoiLemonaaaade YaoiLemonaaaade Nov 06, 2016
                              I KEEP ON HOPIN WE'L EAT CAKE BY THE OCEAN!!
christophe-gc christophe-gc Aug 19, 2016
CrimsonPetalz CrimsonPetalz Jul 21, 2016
Aww this was so cute! And their first kiss!!!!!!! Sorry I'll stop fangirling :3
CottontailMorlace CottontailMorlace Oct 12, 2016
Omg, that's something i would say in the heat of the moment 😂
blancana blancana Sep 01, 2016
Yuu-chan don't let him! You're a independent women!!! Ciel called himself A independent woman and so are you!!! Jk jk, let him kiss you  (well you do have feminine features...a lot of them.)
Final_Fantasy2001 Final_Fantasy2001 Jul 14, 2016
                              I have many many ideas about this story and shall make it the bestestetsestest ever!!!!! I promise I'll update every week on Thursdays! So please keep waiting, ok? 😀😀😀😀