Being a Mate ~ Sterek ~ A Sequel to "Becoming a Mate"

Being a Mate ~ Sterek ~ A Sequel to "Becoming a Mate"

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A Sequel to "Becoming a Mate"
If you haven't read the First Book, you should do it now.

This Book will tell from Stiles' and Derek's life together, after Stiles became Derek's Mate.

The second book is a Season 4 AU, but I'm not really following the Plot. I just have my ideas from Season 4.
So be prepared for De-aged Derek, new pack members, Werejaguar Kate and the Deadpool-List.

Sadly I don't own Teen Wolf or the characters. (If I would own TW Sterek would be Canon)

You can read this story and even more (e.g. Becoming a Mate) at AO3. My username there is: Juki_Makiko
The titles are the same (not completely, but almost).
The link is:

The Chapters are around 1000 words long, mostly between 800-1300. (Like in the First Book)