Kidnapped By Who?!

Kidnapped By Who?!

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MrOreo42 By MrOreo42 Updated Jan 21

He turned to me and pushed me up against the wall, his bare chest pressed against mine.

"Who the fu-" I cut him off by placing my hand over his mouth. I didn't like swearing. I took my hand off and he continued.

"What the fu-" I cut him off again, his expression turning from angry to confused. I took my hand off again and waited for what he was gonna say.

"You are mine. No other man is allowed to touch or look at you." He growled lowly, his angry face was back. "Mine." He whispered huskily and I could feel his lips graze my ear. My heart was beating faster than usual.

Should I run?

I think I should run.

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...... I would've growled at him and look away... I hold grudges worst than the devil.... Though you give me chocolate then I might be nice to you.
slyzeke101 slyzeke101 Apr 19
Ajax? that's one of my favorite character in Call of Duty Ghosts
Why did u wait? should've ran earlier ! AND u left the beautiful food behind smh
yazmin1822 yazmin1822 Jan 13
I can imagine my friend saying this
                              @LoveEnglish18. Yes i mean you
same tho :( its sad but i like the colors when far away............
CaciB1700 CaciB1700 Dec 29, 2016
Yassss btw did y'all know it's a website that u can take a test on and what ever your score is that's what house your in I'm hufflepuff 😇