Agatha's Guide to Character Writing

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Fraulein Burstner By AgathaChristieLover Updated 4 years ago
DISCLAIMER: These are just suggestions, you don't have to do them. I just think they may help.
    Do you have problems writing characters? Well hopefully this guide's for you. Enjoy exploring the emotional depth and range of your character, stabbing stereotypes in the face and developing realistic characters, not perfect ones.
Thank you for this test! :) I never realized how many stories seem to fail this...
@EricVarkey @AgathaChristieLover I have a dictionary from the fifth grade.  I use it a lot.  Don't tell my teacher.  ;)
Wow, now that I think of it, it actually makes a lot of sense. A lot of the characters now a days seem unrealistic, and boarding upon obsessed. The media these days....
Many thanks for this. I was not familiar with the Bechdel test although I hope I have always followed its rules.  
                                    Sadly, I  think most thrillers and mysteries on Wattpad might also fail the test.
Oh, I like the reference to Cher - a quirky, silly, yet well rounded  character.  
                                    I also hate these simpering female with no mitovation, but you are right,  everyone is grey, so finding that perfect balance in weaknesses and strengths is key.
my muse! I leave you alone for five minutes and find you analyzing the superficial development of female characters in romances. ha ha! I couldn't pull myself away and to be honest with you I was a bit sad that you did not divulge deeper. I am looking forward to more soon. update Muse, update!