Overwatch Smut

Overwatch Smut

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Flecha By swthebrave Updated Aug 09, 2017

This is a collection of short stories for the Overwatch fandom!

With both character x character and character x reader!

I always take requests as long as they follow my guidelines I the first chapter! Never be afraid to ask for a clarification on any of my requirements! I love all ships and am open to writing any and all of them!

Also, just a disclaimer, a lot of will be NSFW so read at your own risk, but there will also be some cute ass fluff sprinkled in! I'll go anywhere from safe to work, mature, explicit, etc. I'll have the rating at the beginning of every chapter.

Thanks and enjoy xx

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White_inferno_wolf White_inferno_wolf Mar 21, 2017
Could you please do reinhardt x female reader  one pretty please :D I absolutely love reinhardt
TheQueenOfNope TheQueenOfNope Dec 28, 2017
I really don’t understand why people ship Hanzo and genji...
GayJayy GayJayy Aug 14, 2017
Can you do a Hanzo x male reader, a McCree x male reader, and/or Soldier76 x male reader? Please.
Stormy_Night1107 Stormy_Night1107 Jun 21, 2018
I was so happy when I read all the things that you said you would never write about.
AttackOnAlexa AttackOnAlexa Oct 24, 2016
omfg please do a tracer x female reader! There's NO nsfw fic for Tracer and female reader and it kills me
Kogalover52 Kogalover52 Jan 11, 2017
I-I w-w-was wondering i-if you c-could d-do a Mchanzo f-fluff I k-know y-you might n-n-not have t-time for m-my request b-but I th-thought I'd j-just r-request