Overwatch Smut

Overwatch Smut

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Flecha By swthebrave Updated 6 days ago

This is a collection of short stories for the Overwatch fandom!

With both character x character and character x reader!

I always take requests as long as they follow my guidelines I the first chapter! Never be afraid to ask for a clarification on any of my requirements! I love all ships and am open to writing any and all of them!

Also, just a disclaimer, a lot of will be NSFW so read at your own risk, but there will also be some cute ass fluff sprinkled in! I'll go anywhere from safe to work, mature, explicit, etc. I'll have the rating at the begging of every chapter, 

Thanks and enjoy xx

Please do Reinhardt x Mercy if you're not busy with other requests! I love them ; - ; Thanks a lot <3
Can you do a hanzo x reader x genji's nsfw?
                              (The readers name is Zoe)
Failtality Failtality Jul 29
Hey mi author Senpai would you do a fluff story with tracer? Male or female reader pleaaaase *Puppy dog eyes*
omfg please do a tracer x female reader! There's NO nsfw fic for Tracer and female reader and it kills me
Kipiekie Kipiekie Aug 12
Lucio x sick female reader, fluffy n stuff? Or maybe lucio x junkrat sinn, either one is okay, or none if ya dont want to, thanks ><
if possible could you do zarya/fem reader?? something about admiring her thighs and muscles omg