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A Champions Love (Red x Reader)

A Champions Love (Red x Reader)

13.4K Reads 447 Votes 11 Part Story
Calm_Espeon By Calm_Espeon Updated Jan 06

The main description of your past will be in the first chapter. When that takes place, you'll be 5 years old. 

Hello! It's me again! You might know me from my other stories! If you haven't checked them out, do that! They're cool! But, this story was requested by a friend of mine on Wattpad, her user is @xXStingerXx! Go follow her! But I hope you guys like this story!

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of the pictures, they all belong to their original owners. And I don't own the music video remix in the chapter "Lavender Town Tower"


AudreyPlays AudreyPlays Jan 15
Id be whispering in professor oak like "ey little mama lemme whisper in yo ear. Tell u little somethin ud like to hear"
Bulbasaur is my all time favorite pokemon. 
                              You have to fight me for this bitch
I thought it was Red Fire 😂 Uh, awk... Just gonna sit back here... Continue
Feyhaven Feyhaven Jul 23, 2016
Just realized that all the 'kids' are opening the door..well okay.
Kawaii-Creampuff Kawaii-Creampuff Oct 18, 2016
*Walks in fabulously and dramatically* Pokémon please * walks out fabulously and dramatically after getting my Pokémon*
Tenshi-senpie Tenshi-senpie Dec 25, 2016
Here's something that you should all remember Pokemon fans: NEVER say that Red and Ash are the same person. You shall suffer the same pain I did.