A Champions Love (Red x Reader)

A Champions Love (Red x Reader)

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Calm_Espeon By Calm_Espeon Updated Nov 22

The main description of your past will be in the first chapter. When that takes place, you'll be 5 years old. 

Hello! It's me again! You might know me from my other stories! If you haven't checked them out, do that! They're cool! But, this story was requested by a friend of mine on Wattpad, her user is @xXStingerXx! Go follow her! But I hope you guys like this story!

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of the pictures, they all belong to their original owners. And I don't own the music video remix in the chapter "Lavender Town Tower"


25th_Grace 25th_Grace Jul 12
I like this.
                              I hope ____ and co go to the Safari Zone, Scyther and Kangaskhan are two of my favourite gen 1 Pokemon.
Naria_Gray Naria_Gray Jul 23
Just realized that all the 'kids' are opening the door..well okay.
*Walks in fabulously and dramatically* Pokémon please * walks out fabulously and dramatically after getting my Pokémon*
21hooserr 21hooserr Aug 03
Yes because every kid who gets their Pokemon walks into a lab dramatically...
Wutdoesthefoxsay Wutdoesthefoxsay 3 days ago
                              KONO SE KAI DE! 
                              OWANA YUME!
                              OIKAKE SPEED UP! SPEED UP!
                              Just me? Ok... (Fairy Tail fans will probably get this)
KittyNoir777 KittyNoir777 2 days ago
*walks in the lab dramatically and there's dramtic music and I dramictcally dies because of how dramatic I am* (I didn't even get my Pokemon! ;-;