Choice (Casifer/Lucifer!Cas x Reader)

Choice (Casifer/Lucifer!Cas x Reader)

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Fandom Imagines (x Reader) By ToHellWithReality Updated Nov 30, 2016

This is my first x Reader that I am posting! Hope you enjoy! <3

Imagine you have a semi-normal life. Your boyfriend is a gamer YouTuber who loves you dearly. You've got a stable income. A nice home-life. You've got one parent, your father. You're happy and content. One day, your world gets flipped upside down. You're all of a sudden in hell, and you're supposedly the one and only Lucifer's soulmate. 
How could Lucifer come to love a mere human such as yourself, and how could you love the Devil himself, especially when he's just ripped you from your own life? You figure you have to just accept your new fate and try to survive your new role in life.

-There will be fluff and smut in this!-

sydster33 sydster33 Jul 05
                              I'm sorry I'll go home now
SuperQueenB SuperQueenB Jul 30
Yay 2 of my favourite things in the world. Markimoo and Supernatural! I don't want to be with Luci I want Marki
joshysslut joshysslut Jul 07, 2016
Oh no darkiplier should of saved her or something like that...r