Best friends brother (lucaya) ON HOLD

Best friends brother (lucaya) ON HOLD

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Riley and maya are best friends but Riley's  two year older brother , Lucas, well.......that's a different story 

they don't  like each other but what happens when maya gets hurt and Riley isn't there well Lucas takes care of maya and what happens when they start to have feelings for each.

"Maya I really do care about you" 

"I know" maya looked deep into his eyes. She took a deep breath in.

Maya leaned in and pressed her lips against his. Lucas kissed back. They both felt sparks she  quickly pulled away and froze.

" I have to go" she blurted out leaving him by himself 

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nutella_is_life22 nutella_is_life22 May 24, 2017
Can I just mention that josh was just added in the picture with like awkward photoshop? Like yes QUEEN!!
fmlreally fmlreally Aug 19, 2016
I thought I said "so we can get a good erection" and I'm like wtf your a girl
ElevensAnatomy ElevensAnatomy Sep 10, 2016
Omg ikr 
                              And my science teacher speaks Romanian 
                              If that's even how you spell it.
Basicwriterspage Basicwriterspage Sep 02, 2016
The has no one commented on that??? It gives me life!!!