AfterDeath (Aftertale!Sans X Repaertale!Sans)

AfterDeath (Aftertale!Sans X Repaertale!Sans)

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♡Pastel Reaper Queen♡ By IrishTheReaperQueen Completed

Geno and Death hanging each other someday, in few moments later, they fall in love each other

This contains:
Love story
No lemons (sorry, I don't like writing lemons)
Sad story
Happy story

I hope you guys like it!


GenoSansTheSkeleton GenoSansTheSkeleton Nov 24, 2016
oh boy... a story of how me and reaper met... although... with me it was a little different than this, but, uh, there are many geno's...
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Sep 07, 2016
Reaper: I ask some stupid questions!!
                              Geno:*flirtatiously* But at least you cuteness makes up for it
                              Error: G-g-get a room!
                              Dream: MWEHEHEHEE this ship will take over the universe!
                              Me: blueberry?
                              Dream: nah it just adorable
                              Me: heck yeah!!!
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Sep 05, 2016
Geno: *cries about into reapers cloak* don't remind me!
                              Reaper:*blushes a bit but not enough to see* *hugs Geno 
                              Ink: kawaii*takes picture*
                              Error: I TOLD YOU THIS SHIP IS CONTAGIOUS 
                              Ink: get out error!!!
                              Error: I'm reading!
                              Me:shut up and continue
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Sep 05, 2016
Me: and so it begins
                              Ink: what begins?
                              Me:*in a deep dark voice*  AFTERDEATH
                              Geno: why?
                              Reaper: *sweating* It can't be that bad
                              Me: It said it has sex
                              Geno:it better not make me horny
                              Ink:cam we start reading
                              Dream: yeah I want my otp!!
                              Me: why r u here?
                              Dream: *shrugs*
Inxonix Inxonix Dec 13, 2016
waaaiiittt.... a DATE?!?! WHY SO FAST DAFUQ...
                              lol i no hate this is awesome
_xXShadowXx _xXShadowXx Sep 13, 2016
Actually Frisk killed us first, including me, then Chara took over Frisk's body and continued the timelines from there....