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AfterDeath (Aftertale!Sans X Repaertale!Sans)

AfterDeath (Aftertale!Sans X Repaertale!Sans)

50.8K Reads 1.7K Votes 37 Part Story
Bendy And Boris By BendyandBoris Completed

Geno and Death hanging each other someday, in few moments later, they fall in love each other

This contains:
Love story
No lemons (sorry, I don't like writing lemons)
Sad story
Happy story

I hope you guys like it!


- - Nov 24, 2016
oh boy... a story of how me and reaper met... although... with me it was a little different than this, but, uh, there are many geno's...
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Sep 07, 2016
Reaper: I ask some stupid questions!!
                              Geno:*flirtatiously* But at least you cuteness makes up for it
                              Error: G-g-get a room!
                              Dream: MWEHEHEHEE this ship will take over the universe!
                              Me: blueberry?
                              Dream: nah it just adorable
                              Me: heck yeah!!!
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Sep 05, 2016
Geno: *cries about into reapers cloak* don't remind me!
                              Reaper:*blushes a bit but not enough to see* *hugs Geno 
                              Ink: kawaii*takes picture*
                              Error: I TOLD YOU THIS SHIP IS CONTAGIOUS 
                              Ink: get out error!!!
                              Error: I'm reading!
                              Me:shut up and continue
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Sep 05, 2016
Me: and so it begins
                              Ink: what begins?
                              Me:*in a deep dark voice*  AFTERDEATH
                              Geno: why?
                              Reaper: *sweating* It can't be that bad
                              Me: It said it has sex
                              Geno:it better not make me horny
                              Ink:cam we start reading
                              Dream: yeah I want my otp!!
                              Me: why r u here?
                              Dream: *shrugs*
I always think Death is the one for wants to move fast with a relataship and is like.. "do you wanna go on a date? how about marriage?!" xD
Inxonix Inxonix Dec 13, 2016
waaaiiittt.... a DATE?!?! WHY SO FAST DAFUQ...
                              lol i no hate this is awesome