The Brink

The Brink

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Skye By omgskyestop Updated Mar 06

Levi x Depressed! Eren 


The brunette with dull green eyes couldn't handle the pain anymore. Abused since he was of a young age, he couldn't handle the vague memories of his mother. Nor the pain his father unleashed on him up until this point. 

But will Eren really end the story here?
Or will someone help him move on to the next chapter?

But as we all know. At some point. A story has to come to its end. 

It may be triggering so read at your own risk!
I can't really choose between Ereri and Riren so this will be on and off between the two I guess. 
Eventual smut. 
Feedback is highly appreciated. 
All characters belong to Hajime Isayama.

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SCommonSense SCommonSense Jun 08, 2017
What is riren ? I know, I know, I'm stupid but I really want to know!
QueenEreri69 QueenEreri69 Oct 28, 2017
i don't like Eruri (not the shippers just not Eruri) i only like Levi x Eren no other ship (as in not shipping them with other ppl) 
                              buh oh well people like wha they like
Arrissaagile Arrissaagile Apr 23, 2017
Whats the name of the song? like to find it so i can listen to makes me wanna cry....and i like that in a song
lovelessisbay lovelessisbay Nov 03, 2017
ereri is cannon its in the manga like i have the proff saved on my computer lets just say u dont put your hand on a persons upper thy neer there cratch if u wherent more then freinds
Rmellis484 Rmellis484 Jul 22, 2016
~ Wow, such an emotional way of writing, absolutely amazing am truly looking forwards to the next chaptet, please update soon!! ~