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The Triplets The Twins And Me

The Triplets The Twins And Me

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jk1331 By jk1331 Updated Sep 18, 2016

Elliot: the eldest triplet who has taken it upon himself to torture me. Reason: Unknown.    

Kyle: the middle triplet who is often lost in the world of monsters and fantasies. Reason: It's good to get away from reality.     

Quinn : the youngest triplet who is usually relaxing somewhere listening to his music. Reason: He's really laid back.    

Then there's the twins, Sam and Cormac. They are identical but have some little differences that are noticeable to someone who has lived with them for the 16 years of her life. They are my saviours. They always protect me from the ever mean Elliot and the outside world.     

That only leaves me. I'm Leanne Carter. Called Lee by my close friends and family. Called many vile names by Elliot.I'm of the youngest of the lot. And the only girl other than my mother. Sounds dreadful right? Wrong. Apart from Elliot I love each of my brother's and they love me. We get along fine. Plus it has it's advantages since I'm daddy's little girl.

Storygirl_ROSE Storygirl_ROSE Feb 22, 2016
I love green eyes. And twins. And triplets. I will love this book.
CaseyyLouisee CaseyyLouisee Aug 28, 2016
This almost caused my death from laughing at 2:24am almost waking my sister up
dunnowhatodo dunnowhatodo Feb 07, 2016
They freiken dont sell them in italy but yeah, whenever im in canada they become my drugs i guess..😍
Storygirl_ROSE Storygirl_ROSE Feb 22, 2016
My sister made cookies with 3 CUPS of vanilla. I'll never let her live that down
catalotte catalotte Jan 19, 2016
Checkered shirts? Immediately thought of sammy Winchester ;) ;)
22sd_centurygeek 22sd_centurygeek Jan 14, 2016
He gay and like one of the new boy neighbor or he straight and like jessie or like zoe