Rachel's Story

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Anita By AnitaMisra Completed
Rachel Warren was an ordinary maiden leading an ordinary yet secure life, until an unforeseen misfortune forces her to take up a post as governess to two young girls. Follow her as she travels the paths of her life where she gets her first job, falls in love and finds herself in the middle of adventures she had never dreamed of.
I love your style of writing!! Honestly cannot believe I did not find this story sooner. Amazing!!
"fairy-tale heroine who regularly socialized with the birds and beasts around her" 
                                    U R talking 'bout sleeping beauty??? Liked that sentence!
Wow, you are an AMAZING writer!! I have only read the first page, and I'm already hooked!! :-) I will definitely be reading on, and saving this story to my reading list! :-) Keep up the great work! :-)
You have the most effective, descriptive, and evocative writing skills I have seen on Wattpad so far. Your writing style is absolutely perfect for historical romances, such as the Regency Era. I'm splendidly surprised by your technique!
Hey!yep,I'm an Indian too.Happy belated republic day,btw!:-)
Oh my goodness gracious, that was amazing! I wish I could write as well as you. I'm already hooked! I can't wait to see what happens! You're very talented!