Sudden Exposure | ✓

Sudden Exposure | ✓

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NATALIE SMITH By naatsmith Completed


Growing up as the daughter of Harold Bishop, one of the most powerful CEOs in the United States, has always been a burden to Natasha. 

Having to live up to the standards of high-society living is something that she has never gotten used to. Forced to distance herself from her family, Natasha makes it her mission to make a name for herself. 

Years later when she receives an unexpected call from her brother with an invitation to a vacation at their family's old cottage, she meets his best friend and her replacement as a business partner, the infamous James Archibald. 

What happens when two closed off individuals begin to develop an unwelcomed connection?   

A sudden exposure of the truth.

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|Highest Ranking: #1 in Chicklit on 24/06/17|

halseysprincess halseysprincess 5 days ago
good but overrated.... Taylorhill is f*cking gorgeous yet no one knows.
This is the best cast I have ever seen, like as soon as i swiped to see Josephine i was snatched 😍
You picked out the perfect photo to match her bitchy attitude!! I love it, I always ignore the cast lists and then read the story, my thoughts were not wrong when I thought the casting is perfect!!
halseysprincess halseysprincess 5 days ago
JOSEPHINE YASSSS UNDERRated  AND in my opinion better than Gigi....
hebbaSnobar hebbaSnobar Aug 09
Honestly he's used in every book to the point wear his looks aren't even that special
MissRosa01 MissRosa01 Nov 24, 2016
Lol if my parents were rich I would have went with the flow instead of creating my own business