Hidden Magic

Hidden Magic

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Erika Bense By Reader_of_Anime Completed

So I haven't seen many, or any to be honest, of these so I'll try my best to make it a good story! 

You are a slave girl originally from the Dark Continent. You were captured by traffickers as a child and all you could turn to was your incredible voice and will power to live. And ya know considering you're a Fanalis you also turn to your incredible strength... BUT ANYWAY! Once you find a way to escape you and your best friend, Anna, run far away to a land called Sindria. You hope for a good life there, but it just so happens along the way you've met a few allies, who might become a bit more over time. If ya know what I mean. *Wink Wink* 

Anywho I hope you enjoy this story!! Toodles!!

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shinatina shinatina Aug 08, 2017
Just wanted to tell you, the pic isn't there on the app. It might not be there on the site either. Imma read the story now
Wait if my name is leyla then this doesn't really count as a Xreader cause you named us already ;-;
Thedimondknight Thedimondknight Dec 07, 2017
I am told I am a good artist. Would it be OK if I drew a picture of this for you?
thetwinkims thetwinkims Jun 12, 2017
Leyla and anna as like layla and anna heartfilia from fairy tail
BilautasKiss BilautasKiss Nov 29, 2017
My screen is shattered, so I thought for a second that that said "stump" and not "sunup" lol
Dude I don't know why you're saying you suck at drawing cause its heck a better than what I can do, seriously, no joke man.