Amaryllis// (Cover Contest) //

Amaryllis// (Cover Contest) //

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CrescentMoon By ScarletMoon202 Updated a day ago

Ok so I have decided to make a cover contest


1) please be nice to others, if I see any hate this book will be took down or I'll just disqualify you why ruin the fun for others if someone is being immature

2) you can enter as many covers as you want

3) make sure you tag me 

4) don't copy others work, that's just rude people 

5) make sure that it is only anime if not I probably won't accept it 

6) please follow the rules I just listed thanks! ^.^


First place! 
Votes on any two of your books (if you have books)
Honest comment on the books (I might not comment on all the chapters but I'll comment)

Second place!
18 Votes on one of your books (again if you have any)
Honest comment on a few chapter

Third place!
12 votes on a book
Honest comment on one chapter 

Honourable mention!
6 votes on a book of choice 

All will probably get a shout out not sure yet hehe ANYWAY LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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