Crona x Reader [Witch's Son]

Crona x Reader [Witch's Son]

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Thank you to everyone who's read this fic, You are all the I have finished editing this and will no longer spend time working on it.

I apologize now if your not as emo or shy as I portrayed. This is my first  x Reader fanfic.  Anyway (y/n) means your name and so on. This is sorta pg13 btw. It WILL contain some blood and gore of sorts... Also if your not down with Crona being a dude...why the hell are your reading this yo? 

NOTE: I'm no longer responding to comments on this because I get too many to keep up with! I am still responding on other fic's. Please don't take it personally.

I have no idea if Crona is a guy or a girl! TELL ME 8 TIMES(See what I did there😂😜)
Akuma1387 Akuma1387 Mar 19
This is good! I'm confused what gender the reader is though.
Galaxy_Wolf141 Galaxy_Wolf141 Jul 10, 2016
I love the story! And our weapon is worse than Soul and Black*Star put together.
- - Jan 19, 2016
I'm sorry but, *eye twitch* the grammar in this book is horrid!
HomicidalLiuWoodson HomicidalLiuWoodson Dec 04, 2015
I forgot what this anime is called. Someone remind me please.
FandomTrashu FandomTrashu Nov 25, 2015
"Her Albino Scythe", yup now and forever going to call Soul that