Crona x Reader [Witch's Son]

Crona x Reader [Witch's Son]

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Thank you to everyone who's read this fic, You are all the I have finished editing this and will no longer spend time working on it.

I apologize now if your not as emo or shy as I portrayed. This is my first  x Reader fanfic.  Anyway (y/n) means your name and so on. This is sorta pg13 btw. It WILL contain some blood and gore of sorts... Also if your not down with Crona being a dude...why the hell are your reading this yo? 

NOTE: I'm no longer responding to comments on this because I get too many to keep up with! I am still responding on other fic's. Please don't take it personally.

Akuma_Kasai Akuma_Kasai Mar 19
This is good! I'm confused what gender the reader is though.
Galaxy_Wolf141 Galaxy_Wolf141 Jul 10, 2016
I love the story! And our weapon is worse than Soul and Black*Star put together.
- - Jan 19, 2016
I'm sorry but, *eye twitch* the grammar in this book is horrid!
HomicidalLiuWoodson HomicidalLiuWoodson Dec 04, 2015
I forgot what this anime is called. Someone remind me please.
FandomTrashu FandomTrashu Nov 25, 2015
"Her Albino Scythe", yup now and forever going to call Soul that
StarsOnFyre StarsOnFyre Nov 10, 2015
1) Wow, such a great friend. (Did you notice all the sarcasm I had there?)
                              And 2) I ship it. GET THE SAILS READY BECAUSE THE SHIP SHALL SAIL!