Order of the Sphinx... Why should HP get to have all the fun?

Order of the Sphinx... Why should HP get to have all the fun?

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When You-know-who was vanquished by baby Harry Potter, the fragile peace and rebuilding of the wizarding world began. Knowing the world  needed protectors from any future threats, Dumbledore went searching for those who could help his quest. He got more than he bargained for. Ileana MacKay, a seemingly average 17 year old girl becomes the answer to Dumbledore's prayers. Emerged into a world she never knew existed, Ileana and her friends begin to question the authority of the ministry itself and find themselves as pawns in a much bigger game. 

As their Powers develop, so does their mischief. Banding together, they create a group, designed to come into action upon the prophesied return of Lord Voldermort to save the ones they love and to save a way of life which is close to be extinguished. 

But who can they trust? Who among them is a traitor? What precious item has them risking life and limb to protect?

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barnesnacle barnesnacle Sep 06, 2014
other than that its pretty original and awesome just that thats bothering me a little <3
Alyss_Wolf Alyss_Wolf Jun 17, 2014
Aussie!!! <3 (my comments seem to be following a theme already...)
marniest marniest Mar 21, 2014
I am literally going to force myself to read this whole book over the course of 4hours. It's 12:26am. I'm not going to regret this at all. I feel like I can only cry tears of enjoyment cause I'm hooked on this book!
neon_writer neon_writer Aug 21, 2012
@Draculassidekick Yes, perfect!
                              Your welcome, and they are not crap! lol, keep writing!
Draculassidekick Draculassidekick Aug 21, 2012
@bookgirl11 o.O Perfect? Really?
                              Woah... thanks! I seriously think these first few chapters are crap compared to the latter half of the book as my writing betters. 
                              Thanks so much. ^.^
Draculassidekick Draculassidekick Aug 21, 2012
@Sheepghost  LOL. I think everyone does! I know I sing it whenever I stumble across it. I can't help myself!
                              Starkid for life!