Bi-curious [Audrey Jensen]

Bi-curious [Audrey Jensen]

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maze_runner20011 By maze_runner20011 Updated Aug 06, 2017

Daniella Fitzgerald, twin sister to Jake Fitzgerald. Oh boy, oh boy how sexy are these twins? Everyone would want to date, sleep or kiss with these twins. 

Mysterious texts and phone calls has been happening to them after the death of Nina Patterson. Are their lives in danger? Would the siblings and their friends have to go through challenges between life and death? 

Daniella is going through strange feelings for a certain girl in their school that she's had a crush on since forever. 

Also, may I add, these twins have something in common: they both like girls. 


Summary part two: 

Audrey and Daniella's relationship is perfect! Or so is it? Murders are happening again. Strange texts and calls reappear as well. The killer is showing no mercy to our Lakewood seveners. He's coming back for revenge or either finishing Piper's job. Daniella and Audrey's relation ship hang on a thin thread, ready to snap at any moment. Secrets are about to be revealed. And it ends badly for our loved couple. 


Here's my first scream fanfic! Sorry this is a horrible description on the book. I don't own the show and any of the characters other than Daniella and her story line. There'll be season 1 and 2 involved. 


Violence, killing, gore and sex.

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Bex_bextk Bex_bextk Jan 27
Can you please write more. This book is do addicting this will be my SECOND TIME RE A DIB THIS❤❤❤❤❤
That_One_GayX3 That_One_GayX3 Nov 18, 2017
I giggled at this and I'm on the phone with a friend.. Long story short she thought I was crazy
Bex_bextk Bex_bextk Jul 21, 2017
Im loving this BOOK ALREADY!!!!!& I'm only on the first chapter....Can u plzzzz write more!!.
wcnderlustxx wcnderlustxx Aug 27, 2016
"you're staring.."
                              "I'm gazing."
                              "it's creepy."
                              "it's romantic."
LesbianInLove_ LesbianInLove_ Jul 23, 2016
Well hello, i love your stories and i want to translate this on french, please? Thank you of your answer, kiss
aIauren aIauren Aug 27, 2016
Logically, I don't understand why he said that. It's not like he was surrounded by murderers (okay, there was Kieran, but still) because he asked if you knew. That logically made him seem suspicious, even though I know he's not the killer.