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Alone (An Laurence X Reader)

Alone (An Laurence X Reader)

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Winter By Winter_senpai Updated Mar 07

Y/N is a 20 year old girl who has been bullied, picked on, mistreated, abused, everything you can think of her entire life. Y/N finally moves out only to find some familiar faces but also something, something she has been missing in her life.....Love?

I do not own any characters all rights got to Aphmau. If I do OC contest they will be in my other book. So I hope you enjoy. Updates every Tuesday.

do you guys want me to grow black wings with fire growing on my hands
                              EVERYONE WHO DISSED ME: (shakes head no)
                              ME: good children
Can I make it knee-length and not wear the necklace? And can i also pair that with white vans?
ive been hidind my tru form (transforms into werewolf with wings and red tipped ears and red tipped tail with plain white eyes) *demonic yet female voice* WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU HERE OF ALL PLACES
Celeste0321 Celeste0321 Apr 03
I'm trying so hard to not release my anger......don't wanna turn all  scary on them in the comments  because that would not be pleasant ^-^
Celeste0321 Celeste0321 Apr 03
Go away. I no like you ^-^ *slams door and then breathes in and out* Tryin so hard not to yell in the comments because I do that WAY to much...
Can I change it out for a baggy hoodie, jeans, and a band shirt?