alphabet boy » septiplier

alphabet boy » septiplier

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sweet pea By daddyfischbach Updated Aug 30, 2017

jack has a hard enough time hiding his relationship with mark from his community.

trying to hide the caregiver/little aspect of it all is even harder.

( little!jack, daddy!mark )

{ © daddyfischbach }

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0MrBrightside0 0MrBrightside0 Mar 12, 2017
That is some serious skill, i can't do that without getting bitch slapped by my phone.
Jarrett111 Jarrett111 Oct 06, 2017
That's no fair! My daddy always says that he is aloud to swear and I can't
Femmie_A Femmie_A Mar 08
How I think when flirting (that)
                              When I do :
                              U-um I I uh like your face
Im_Dying_Rn Im_Dying_Rn Nov 23, 2017
Me it is 12: 13 and I need to be up early tomorrow.. Eh idc...
Random_Person_1771 Random_Person_1771 Sep 04, 2017
Nfksozncjeksnfheiqpwpjrbcbckzm *sharp inhale before chewing on sweater paws* nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom
felixthegay felixthegay Sep 02, 2017
what does that mEan also sean's finders are having dyslexic spazzes