The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC)

The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC)

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Everyone takes them for granted, using them non-stop, screaming them, laughing them, blurting them. But what about when they're dying? Are they strong enough to scream out their last words? To laugh out their final sentence? To blurt out the last thing people will remember of them?

Your dying words mean everything. It's what people remember you saying last and it shouldn't be something stupid which if you get used to saying stupid things, I believe you won't have any control of what you say when you die. 

So words are valuable, and I, James Hunter, won't waste them. 

Of course I'll speak when it's important but I don't think I'll speak for anything other than that. 

But I'm dying and I don't want to be, but the choice isn't mine to make. My body- my heart has made up its mind, I'm going to die, I just have to accepting it. And if I'm going to die, I want to be remembered, I want them to visible see my face, feel my touch and hear my voice from my final hours of living. I want my family to know everything I've been holding in and I want my friends to remember me as strong. 

So what I'm going to die? Everyone does at one point. I'll just die sooner than expected and medication won't do anything to stop it, only postpone it and I don't want it postponed, when I'm ready... I'm ready and I want my heart to be on the same page as I am.

Abby_Smiles Abby_Smiles Jan 22
This is...
                              HOLY MOTHER OF POTATOES!!! THIS IS AWESOME! First chapter and I'm happy, sad, and anything in between. Keep up the good work!!!
CharaSociopath CharaSociopath Aug 29, 2016
As an only child I can only be amazed on how many people are in your household...
ifangirlwithunicorns ifangirlwithunicorns Oct 10, 2016
This song ligit saves my life...i have a 9 month old niece that i watch all the time and singing this is the only thing that will calm her down
Hot damn!!!!! Nuuuuuu bebu pls be OKAY!!!!!!! JAMES DAMNIT YOU BETTER LIVE!!!!!! ;^;
Slm0927 Slm0927 Jan 27
its okay. only an explosion of rose petals and 6 gorgeously fantabulous people where u meet your mommy and daddy
FlowerStudios FlowerStudios Aug 29, 2016
I gotta say-
                              All of sisters are hot.
                              I'm a bisexual teenage girl with too many hormones, alright? Can't help but think it.