The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC)

The Silent Host (boyxboy OHSHC)

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Mikasa By LazyOtakuSwag Updated Nov 23

James Hunter.

Just another name, just another person on this earth that was born and will die. But sadly he'll die before others. He has a weak heart, the doctors say it might be because he was born too early, he takes his medications and goes to his appointments, James gave up a long time ago. He gave up on everything.

So he gained a nickname, a pretty lame one at that, around his family. The Silent One. He doesn't talk, because he knows whatever he says won't be heard. They'll hear him but they won't actually hear him. So he gave up, he writes what's necessary down on a white board.

That's a summary on James Hunter, just another boy born and another death approaching. But what happens when he finds love?

As an only child I can only be amazed on how many people are in your household...
This song ligit saves my life...i have a 9 month old niece that i watch all the time and singing this is the only thing that will calm her down
I gotta say-
                              All of sisters are hot.
                              I'm a bisexual teenage girl with too many hormones, alright? Can't help but think it.
Ngh, my heart. Why does it hurt when I heard 'you are my sunshine' ringing in my head. *sniff*