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Wild Child

Wild Child

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Georgia Filuay By Borderlinekewl Updated May 21, 2012

Penelope is not a normal girl. Her parents left her in the forest when she was only a baby. A pack of wolves found her at the point of near starvation. They took her in and raised her as her own. She followed their custom, ate what they ate, and did what they did. They taught her how to hunt, sniff out danger, and more. Twelve years later she was  found and brought into society for her own protection. The language of the new people is quite different than what she was used to. Now  at17 she has been able to grasp the concept of these people. However, she feels as if she doesn't fit in. Can she finally get used to the human life, or will she cave and go back to join the only family she truly knows

Borderlinekewl Borderlinekewl Dec 23, 2010
@redzebra thank you soooooo much. 
                                                                                  xoxo-Georgia :D
RedPandaKat RedPandaKat Dec 23, 2010
It's awesome!It's very interesting!Love the idea of it too!Upload soon!
Dreaming_Love Dreaming_Love Dec 23, 2010
@Borderlinekewl I get it :) It's okay lol I just wanted to know but I will keep reading to look XP I just get ideas in my head and then write it down.
Borderlinekewl Borderlinekewl Dec 22, 2010
@addy12 I can't possibly tell you..mainly because I have no idea myself. When I write, I kinda sorta just go with the flow..if that makes sense ;)
Dreaming_Love Dreaming_Love Dec 22, 2010
Cool :) So...she's still having a hard time adapting to a normal life? :) Per se...might this be a love story? :D
                              <3 addy
Dreaming_Love Dreaming_Love Dec 20, 2010
I also like this :) It's like she was raised in the wild and now she has to be raised as a normal human being. Keep going no matter how many votes you get! :)
                              <3 addy :)