Dandere/Yandere x Reader| Mine

Dandere/Yandere x Reader| Mine

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❄ʏʊӄɨ❄ By Yukiru_Haruka Updated Jun 10

What is it like... to fall in love with something so sweet and kind... but will murder anyone who messes with the few people the have left to care about.... how do you fall in love with something not human.. but acts more human then real people...?
" I got it! I got it!.... I don't got it..." You pouted as the ball soared over your head and into the road. " Don't worry I'll get it!" You giggled crossing into the road and picked up the ball. " GOT IT!"


" Suki... why did you do that... why for me...."

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- - Jun 06
                              😱😱😱😱😱 HEY FRIEND LOOK IT'S AN UNDER- //kicked
BookwormCha BookwormCha Jul 01
@Tsundere_Bookworm I swear, if I find out that he's secretly Jin in another AU, I'll be the Yandere instead .-.
BookwormCha BookwormCha Jul 01
I'm already guessing the younger male of the two is the Dandere. I'll grab the scissors.
Mousepire Mousepire Sep 19
I'm going to spam your inbox with votes just to make you feel happy!
Lololololol Don't Mind Me......... Nothing To See Here.....Just A Random Yandere.........Lol
BookwormCha BookwormCha Jul 01
;^; I'll feel the guilt after I kidnap him later. He'll give me ice cream.