His Last Smile ( Sequel To His Last Joke)

His Last Smile ( Sequel To His Last Joke)

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DCfreakxox By DCfreakxox Updated Aug 11, 2017

Sequel to His Last Joke and final book in the trilogy~ 

The hardest goodbyes are simply the ones never said.

"You know what the hardest thing was?! It wasn't the part where I had realised I lost you. I was in shock and I couldn't comprehend it all but it wasn't the hardest part. The hardest part was learning to live everyday without you"

After being blinded by his jealousy, the state of rage and determination to kill Batman he was in cost him his life. Bruce had tried to stop him but he wouldn't give in and Eva walked in but a little to late. After Bruce carried Jack's dead body away, Eva has to try and start a new life without Jack there by her side.
Now, they say that the ones we love don't go away but that they walk beside us everyday. Unseen and unheard. However, what happens when Eva starts seeing Jack everywhere she goes?! Is it all an illusion? But what if one of those 'illusions' get too real to have been imagined up?!

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OH MY GOLLYGOSH YOU UPDATED! *coughs* sorry, lost control of the fangirl for a moment. Words cannot describe how much I loved this chapter! It's hints at so many things to come, I can't wait for the next one!