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Little Fox (Baby Eren x Levi)

Little Fox (Baby Eren x Levi)

16.3K Reads 947 Votes 8 Part Story
Sinata Takako By EreriForever839 Updated Jan 28

Eren was a baby when it happened, the conspiracy when dozens of children were stolen from their mothers and tested on from birth. To become the generation where an army of invincible soldiers were spawned and trained. But the experiment failed, and all the children were exterminated. Except for Eren, who luckily escaped with a couple of other children who hadn't been experimented on yet.
  But the results of his escaping weren't any better than death. Sure, the world knew about the experimentation, but a few scientists escaped, leaving them a threat to the world. But that wasn't the worst part for Eren. He was shunned by people, everywhere he went, he was the only person who was expermimented on and survived. Actually, he didn't even know he wasn't human.  So when one day, someone decided to adopt him, it was hope to him. But his adopter was not who he expected.
  His name was Rivaille Ackerman A.K.A Heichou.
  This is a really cute story with thrills and laughs, how every person who's ever babysitted or had a child or had a younger sibling will feel. But it's also a story where a little fox will find his way home.

GraysonFullbuster GraysonFullbuster Dec 05, 2016
ITS SAD WHEN.. even though Erens little in this we're so used to the sexual tension that our minds go BLOOP down the drain
Kailynpotatoes Kailynpotatoes Nov 07, 2016
This reminds me of the episode when Honey~Senpia got a cavity and couldn't eat sweets!
When Levi runs Erens ears it reminds me of when I did that to my dog..
                              But now I can't.
                              I need to shut up.
GilZeAwesomePrussia GilZeAwesomePrussia Aug 22, 2016
That is what I thought the first time I saw/heard that expression.
Lucifers_Property Lucifers_Property Sep 08, 2016
I think some of us need to cleanse our mind. Mine seems to be dirty today.
sauvechey sauvechey Nov 13, 2016
What do you want
                              I want some cookies and dick
                              You can take my cookies but you cant have my dick