She's Mine!!!  (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

She's Mine!!! (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

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✿ ʟıṭṭʟє ȏẇʟ-тяαѕн ✿ By OWLHUNTER09 Updated Oct 22, 2017

|| 2nd place on HxHWattyAwards Category: Love story  Spring 2017||

  When you went to Hunter exam you meet 4 boys and 1 friend but 4 of them fall in love with you. But the unsure problem was that you were so so so innocent that you didn't understand what love, date, marry, kiss, boyfriend, girlfriend,(etc) is. What will happen?
*Please note in that I don't own any Characters on the series Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Kamisama Kiss, and Fairy tail and the anime Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Kamisama Kiss, and Fairy tail. All the picture that I use goes to the credit of the rightful owners.*   

(If you don't like crossover or this book I recommend you to read my other book called "Me and my Scarlet eyes") 

There will be different characters from different anime.

Bleach: Toshiro 
Kamisama Kiss: Tomoe
Fairy tail: Jellal

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I name myself Tuki Tuki Kaluki Lukari Rika Kotako!! That's in Japan of course.
hikohiroXharuhi hikohiroXharuhi Oct 09, 2017
He wears a kimono? Wait wait wait.....*GAAASSSOOOOPPPPPPOOOO* HES FROM  KAMISAMA KISS;
cherishkm14 cherishkm14 Jan 20
I'm soooooooooo sorry it wont let me vote!!!!!!! But so far so good
Yay !!!!! Erza, Lucy, Juvia, Jellal, zeref, Gray, Mirajane, Lissana, Cana and many more !!!!
KAWAII * Activate yandere mode * * Killua Fangilrs appear * * I kill all of them *
That smirk on killua just shows how much he wanna f*ck her. You can see it in his eyes