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'She's mine.......'  (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

'She's mine.......' (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

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When you went to Hunter exam you meet 4 boys and 1 friend but 4 of them full in love with you. But the unsure problem was that you didn't understand what love or date and marry and kiss or boyfriend and girlfriend is. What will happen?
P.S Not much a Gon X Reader but a lot of Killua X Reader X Kurapika X Tōshirō.

There where be different anime character from different anime.

Bleach: Toshiro & Yoruichi 
Kamisama Kiss: Tomoe
Fairy tail: Jellal

Hide_Nagachika_TG Hide_Nagachika_TG Nov 06, 2016
Lmao I just thought you were gonna show Tomoe and Kurapika's face bu then when Killua's face came out like that I was like BrEh
itz_sakura itz_sakura Mar 06
No it's how I look like I'm pretty sure I don't have purple hair😂
Shinigamispaceship Shinigamispaceship Aug 02, 2016
Mygod that Killua pic when [F/N] was sitting on his lap.
                              "U mad bro"
                              Funny chapter! I really like it!
Anime__5580 Anime__5580 Feb 22
No one comment on Kurapika's pic so I will. My boi need some love! 😍LOVE YOU!!!😘
MacyCastillo0 MacyCastillo0 Oct 15, 2016
Shiat tomoe can we seal the contract from the bottom of your heart??
I have tomoe as a familiar and I'm a fairy tail member I'm livin the dream 😁