Mithzan girl...and he wants her back

Mithzan girl...and he wants her back

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Everest is the name! By Mount_Everest52502 Completed

After Rosie's and Max's break up Rosie went to the only person she could leaving Washington behind and heading to Georgia

While Max was trapped in his own sadness the guys have tried to break him out of it but they soon came to realize that only Rosie could break him out so they start looking for her 

But never found her till one day Adam took Max with him to comic con and saw the walking dead cast panel  
That's when they saw her...on the stage with.....the cast 
And some shit happens 

'Mithzan Girl' is a following book for 'Mithzan Mute Girl' so make sure to read book one so you know what the hell is going on!

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MoonDontFall_Down MoonDontFall_Down Aug 03, 2016
Drinking coffee reading the best book ever. Good start to this fine day!
jadetheloner jadetheloner Aug 02, 2016
Hello it's me! Againz I was wondering if after all these weeks we're still amazing guessers? 
                              Yes hello my friends it's me how is ur live going since our last chat on a chapter?
XxRachelWoodxX XxRachelWoodxX Jul 20, 2016
Can't wait!!! Awesome book covers follows with an story line.
Themaddhatter_writes Themaddhatter_writes Aug 02, 2016
Eating cookie dough ice cream and reading my favorite story ever, it's a good day.
MoonDontFall_Down MoonDontFall_Down Aug 26, 2016
I'm so confused! It said you updated but it won't let me read.
AmberlanceWEEWOO AmberlanceWEEWOO Aug 02, 2016
Lol When by notifications came up saying Mount_Everest52502 has updated Mithzan Girl..... and he wants her back I thought it meant you were going to say when you were doing the chapter. 
                              BUT THIS IS BETTER SCREW YOU HAHAHAHASHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *chouh* It's amazingly eplicly awesome