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Kakashi Hatake's  Son

Kakashi Hatake's Son

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ForeverTwistedLove By ForeverTwistedLove Updated Oct 12, 2016

Kakashi found a two year old Castiel at his doorstep with a note claiming that he was his son. Just to be sure he had blood test done, turns out the note was telling the truth.

I do not own anything except my Oc.

imsushineko imsushineko Jan 31
Hahaha once my brother got drunk on 2 vodka shots and started screaming out that he was our desiesed grandma that told us ''congrats gay boys!!'' then he wispered ''i see dead people'' and passed out
minecraftfan14 minecraftfan14 Dec 05, 2016
I talked to my dead grandma for two years, then she like never came back. Though I feel her presence once in a while.
JacquelineDiaz0 JacquelineDiaz0 Dec 18, 2016
Castiel: i see dead people *says quietly*
                              Kakashi: WTF?!
                              Sakumo: ayyyy!~(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
JacquelineDiaz0 JacquelineDiaz0 Dec 20, 2016
Teacher: highlight all the important information! *passes out papers*
                              Me: hmm i see~ *takes naruto and slams his head on the paper highlighting everything*
                              Naruto: ack!! Hey put me down, believe it!!!
He calls his grandfather as grandfather but calls his dad by his first name... M'kay!
Oh... It's a soul! Totally figured that out on my own! Hehe hue.... *scratches the back of neck*