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"I'm a psycho, Lynore. I want fuck you until you bleed, then I also want to slit your throat, every time I see you," he hissed as he leaned closer to my face.

I swallowed harshly. "Well the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem," I shrugged, trying to sound unaffected by his words. He tilted his head a bit and smirked at me. "Well Lynore babygirl, my fucking problem is you," his sneered before smashing his lips to mine.

Blázen- noun- Czech (blah-zen) Crazy. Fool. Freak. Lunatic. Nutcase.

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lover6663 lover6663 Jan 01
she is not in her right mind 
                              she is confused and doesn't know how to feel
                              its normal to react in the way she is 
                              its still rape
bbygirlshai_ bbygirlshai_ Dec 30, 2016
I meannn you tried to touch his thang so ion wanna hear it girl
zmwalker12 zmwalker12 6 days ago
He's drawing her!!!!!!siictchdjemheuwksb 😱........MY VAGINA😭😩😩💦💦
zmwalker12 zmwalker12 6 days ago
Eeeeeeeewwwww this what we doing now? *disappointed voice*
zmwalker12 zmwalker12 6 days ago
Nononononono first of all you were just talking about how hairy he was and that you liked it💀second of all it wasn't rape
                              If you enjoyed it😏😂
Al3ss_ Al3ss_ Dec 28, 2016
I think its a book people shouldn't flip over it I like it so far even though I think it wasn't a 100% râpè :)