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"I'm a psycho, Lynore. I want to fuck you until you bleed, then I also want to slit your throat, every time I see you," he hissed as he leaned closer to my face.
    I swallowed harshly. "Well the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem," I shrugged, trying to sound unaffected by his words. He tilted his head a bit and smirked at me. "Well Lynore babygirl, my fucking problem is you," his sneered before smashing his lips to mine.
    Blázen- noun- Czech (blah-zen) Crazy. Fool. Freak. Lunatic. Nutcase.
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julieeu julieeu 4 days ago
i didnt mean to upset you though im sorry if i did i was just putting out my opinion like everyone else
julieeu julieeu 4 days ago
okay seriously you attacked me out of all the people in the comments section
Honestly, it's your fault for buying such an expensive suit. It's not my fault that I just so happened to throw a glass of juice all over it.
justinxdrew justinxdrew Feb 28
"*gasps* you're a physco? Really?! Omg we had no fuckiñg idead!!"
Damn were you there at the hospital when she was born too? Lol, smh
wetmccann wetmccann Jan 02
JSDHHSSJ I remember my ex had hairy balls AND A HAIRY ASS CRACK I WAS LIKE BYE