The Rightful Luna

The Rightful Luna

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A. J. Holguin By shorty_10313 Updated Sep 26, 2015

***WARNING*** This is the second novel for 'The Human Mate'. I personally recommend that you read that one first before you proceed to reading this one.


It's been two years since Rochelle James left the Black Forest Pack behind to start off a new life in New Jersey as a nurse, just like her mother did. Despite the constant pain that envelops her chest from that day, she still carries on assisting the elderly and helping out Dr. Bret Thompson at the Lincroft Senior Home. After escaping the life of werewolves and her mate, she never once expected that she would blindly enter a new territory where the Alpha of the Lincroft Pack has his eyes set solely on her, and for a very good reason.

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*Author's Note: Slow updates. Just a fair warning. :) *

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Princess_Hasina Princess_Hasina 3 days ago
Tbh I is a completely different story I wouldn't mind reading! Hospital romance
TinyTurner09 TinyTurner09 Nov 12, 2017
I can't my emotions!! I'm crying so badly rn. I just finished the first book and the last sentence had me bursting out in tears and now I can't stop crying
ArtMusic4Ever ArtMusic4Ever Dec 27, 2017
What if this "dr" was part of Marcus pack?? And he has secretly tell how she is doing  and keeping him updated....somthjng around those terms
The_Curious_George The_Curious_George Jul 29, 2017
I'm scared to start reading with all the comments about updating. I might just wit until you have enough time to finish to read it 😝
7falling7stars7 7falling7stars7 Aug 24, 2017
Who else barley read this and is just wanting to get to the part where she sees Malcolm again
isamic isamic Dec 15, 2016
Not to mention her whole life was written out before her without giving her any choices::