Letters in My Locker

Letters in My Locker

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someone123 By someone123 Updated Aug 12, 2012

There is a boy, a girl, a key and a whole lot of letters.

Max is a social pariah. A loner. That's what he thinks anyway. He's actually pretty convinced that McKinnley High is split into two when it concerns him: they all ignore him or they didn't even know he existed - and that's in his grade. The same grade he's been in since Year 1; the same grade at least half of his grade have been in since him - they're now approaching Year 12.

So does it surprise him when he discovers a letter in his locker? Yes, quite frankly it does. First, he thinks it's a prank. As if some girl (or guy!) would send him love letters. But then the letters continue to come and Max can't help but keep reading them. 

Suddenly, he's falling in love with the mysterious and unknown letter sender . . .

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Jessica-Anne Jessica-Anne Aug 19, 2014
YAS!!!! I'm in another book *mini embarrassing dance party alone because I can*
someone123 someone123 Dec 01, 2011
@JustLovingJesus Haha seriously? Did any of you end up dating him, though? :P It sounds like fun, minus the embarrassing part but all part of the experience, right? Anyways I hope you like the rest of this story and thanks for commenting! ^.^
diasateroloqy diasateroloqy Nov 05, 2011
This is great! Me and my friends have actually done this to someone in the ninth grade. He is on the football team- and 2 years older- super gorgeous and we put letters in his locker and signed it a random name. It was awesome! He was freaked out. Then, he found out and we were epically embarassed.
someone123 someone123 Apr 21, 2011
@RebekahPearson ahh a fellow Jaclyn Moriarty fan :D Thanks for that uber compliment! Thanks so much. I hope you enjoy the rest of it and that it exceeds your expectations (or at least lives up to them :P) Thanks again :D
RebekahPearson RebekahPearson Apr 02, 2011
i lone jaclyn moriarty this is very similar i really like the concept
someone123 someone123 Feb 10, 2011
@avantoure hey thanks for standing up for me. Very thankful to you. Seriously. And also thank you for recommending me to @Pranxtor I'm very grateful.
                              @Pranxtor thanks for reading this on a recommendation and enjoying it.