Letters in My Locker

Letters in My Locker

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someone123 By someone123 Updated Aug 12, 2012

There is a boy, a girl, a key and a whole lot of letters.

Max is a social pariah. A loner. That's what he thinks anyway. He's actually pretty convinced that McKinnley High is split into two when it concerns him: they all ignore him or they didn't even know he existed - and that's in his grade. The same grade he's been in since Year 1; the same grade at least half of his grade have been in since him - they're now approaching Year 12.

So does it surprise him when he discovers a letter in his locker? Yes, quite frankly it does. First, he thinks it's a prank. As if some girl (or guy!) would send him love letters. But then the letters continue to come and Max can't help but keep reading them. 

Suddenly, he's falling in love with the mysterious and unknown letter sender . . .