Destined To Love.| [Completed]✔

Destined To Love.| [Completed]✔

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Anna Delle By Anna_Enchant Updated Jan 11

(#22 in Romance 7/2/18.)
(#16 in Romance 16/2/18)

"Well Miss James let me remind you, I am your-"

"What? Boss? I already know that. Tell me something I don't know. " she said interrupting me.

She is so stubborn and challenging, she isn't a bit afraid or intimidated by me.

"Then I will tell you something you don't know Emma." I said getting closer to her as I get closer she stepped back I took another step forward and she did backward we were taking our steps when her back hit the wall.

I put my arms on the wall blocking her. Now she couldn't escape. I lean in, our body and faces a few inches apart. She was wide shocked. I noticed her cheeks which became a bit red. I smile inwardly proud of me in control. I leaned closer so that my mouth was near her ear.

"You..." I said while licking her ear, she flinched.

"Are..." This time I nibbled her ear.

"Mine..." And this time I kissed her sensitive spot behind the ear.


Emma James. The definition of a true man-hater. No,she's not a lesbian. She is just a simple but strong girl with a bad experience in love. She belongs from a well educated middle class family-just finished high school with excellent grades.

Edan Wilton. The CEO of most wealthiest company of whole America...Arrogant, rude but sexy with a body that everyone admires. Boys hate him and Girls want him.
But what will happen when Edan lay his eyes on her? Will he be able to make her fall for him and Emma who don't believe in love and hate the guts of player guys. Will she fall for him?

Read this story to find out.
I hope you like it. Please vote, comment and share my story. Please do support me as an author. 

***Under Editing.***

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badbishx badbishx Feb 05
Me when I close my eyes in the morning for like 2 seconds😂
lll07lll lll07lll Feb 05
I thought this was like her first or second time but bruh it's her 10th time in two months...I'm honestly surprised that she still has the job especially since they weren't reasonable excuses.
kkkaah kkkaah Dec 24, 2017
Kai as Kim Jong In aka EXO KAI aka God's most perfect creature
arialoveskpop arialoveskpop Jun 25, 2017
Idk know why but when I read this I thought it said please do not read the author note at the end of this chapter I'm not sure why it something that happens to be on very very random days it
ashley_bells ashley_bells Sep 16, 2016
Anna you have written "all righs reserved" instead of rights
cecelovescliche cecelovescliche Feb 02, 2017
Hey, are there any Exo fans here? 😆 Kai is my bias wreaker!