Heartbreak Girl

Heartbreak Girl

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Adriheartspercabeth By Adriheartspercabeth Updated Apr 07, 2017

(Percabeth AU)
Percy Jackson is the band member of the insanely popular band, Dem Dam Demigods. All the girls love him, and would do anything just to date, or even see him. But he only has his eyes on one girl. His best friend, Annabeth Chase. 

Annabeth Chase lives a quiet life as the head of her architecture company. She never was envious of her best friend's career, but always craved the attention and love that he received from his fans. Yes, that's it. Annabeth's goal in life was to love someone, and be loved back by them. But unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen when you were on an on/off relationship with someone as cold hearted as Luke, her celebrity boyfriend. 

Annabeth still loved Luke, and she couldn't let go of him. In need of emotional support, she calls Percy. Then one video and one plan changed it all.

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lifeismusic077 lifeismusic077 Nov 13, 2017
Lukeabeth= 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
                              Percabeth= 🤪😎🤓😁☺️😜😝😘😍😋
theslug7 theslug7 Jul 28, 2017
My friend raises her hand even if no one is talking... dont know why.
TakeABreak39 TakeABreak39 Dec 13, 2017
Lessie. They both have so much in common! *cough* Snobby b*tches*cough*
                              PERCABETH (even though I still ship Pertemis more)
Mission_Earth_Member Mission_Earth_Member Jul 08, 2017
What's Lukabeth? I totally ship Lessie? If you're confuzzled, yeah, I know what Lukabeth is
Mission_Earth_Member Mission_Earth_Member Jul 08, 2017
                              I was in a restaurant before and my parents were talking and I raised my hand and they asked "Why are you raising your hand, you can just talk" then I said "Because I'm being professional."
whwtusrname whwtusrname Jun 25, 2017
Ima add some thing mkayyy???????
                              "No buts Miss Chase, I'm coming to hang out with you over the weekend whether you like it or not, and while I'm there I'll buy you some icecream. What flavour would you like?"