Ice Age:Wild Partners|Buck X Reader #Wattys2016

Ice Age:Wild Partners|Buck X Reader #Wattys2016

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Galaxies = ❤⭐🌟 By JStarZ04 Completed

Okay,so i tried to do this useless piece of crap for fun. I haven't seen any books with Ice Age yet... So.....

I thought 'Why not?'

You and Buck lived in the underground for so long,just the two of you. But as later and later,the longer the time passes. You started to develop tiny little feelings for the Saber Tooth Tiger who was with the 2 mammoths and the 2 possums.

Not even realizing,a jealous weasel watching...

WolvesForgiven WolvesForgiven Aug 10, 2016
Staring, glaring, ain't it a pairing?
                              I had to.... Stupid brain....