Love Me: 2 (Boyxboy)

Love Me: 2 (Boyxboy)

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Amara By AmesMax Completed

Part 2 of Love Me

Zion McCulloch, an insecure teen, is one step closer to finding out what his boyfriend, Jaxon, is hiding, what causes his bouts of anger and why he's been so unstable. Rylan Holmes, a mysterious, 'numb' individual claims to know everything regarding Jaxon's behavior, and will only tell Zion on one condition: Zion must show him what love is like.

Zion doesn't believe it's possible, but all he has to do is make Rylan feel something. 

Feel human.

Besides, he only agreed so that he could get the information he needed. But will he end up falling for Rylan in the process? Love can be a tricky game to play.

READ Love Me PART 1 to understand

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YoongisWifeJiminsJam YoongisWifeJiminsJam Jul 08, 2017
I think you did great, you should give yourself more credit as you're pretty good at this writing thing. I've enjoyed both stories thoroughly so far🤗
DodgeES1937 DodgeES1937 Jun 14, 2017
Jaxon's Parents need to know about his problem, and it is their responsibility to get their son the help he needs.
RandomAwkwardPotato RandomAwkwardPotato Nov 01, 2017
Meeeehhhh....kinda? I can't blame everything on Declan or whatever his name is, but I think he's a big influence. Idk it would be nice to know his backstory so I can understand
JenjenHC JenjenHC 3 days ago
I do feel sorry for him. He can’t feel love. I also believe something happens to make a tortured soul. But no sympathy for the ball kick
RandomAwkwardPotato RandomAwkwardPotato Nov 01, 2017
On another note, why do I feel like my Zonah ship is sinking? ;-;
yumtummy yumtummy Jul 24, 2016
The story is really good so far!
                              I posted a book not too long ago, but it's so hard to get views, if u could check out out that would be great