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I in no was own anything related to Harry Potter, all those rights go to JK Rowling.

C A S S I O P E I A E   B L A C K

the only honourable granddaughter from the Black lineage.

new book coming out soon

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Harry: Are you f*cking serious??
                              Lupin: *gaspe* How did you know about Sirius and me!?!
                              Harry: ....I..didn't..
Don't you mean Cassiopeia? The added E isn't supposed be there in the Queen constellation's name
-athens -athens Mar 01
She is seven. S E V E N. The age when you are nothing but bone, muscles and skin (and perhaps some fat). You haven't grown boobs yet, there wasn't much to look at unless it was a pedophile or down-right perv.
I've always been confused as to how to pronounce Igor's last name which I can't spell either