Billionaire's Love

Billionaire's Love

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Aashi Pathak By cotton_blossom Updated a day ago

He was the most popular guy of his school and she, she was a nobody, a nerd, Miss. Nerdy. But still he had a soft corner for her.

He left the school and country for further education and when returned back, things were changed, she was changed!

Meet Randhir Singh Shekhawat, a business minded billionaire, devilishly handsome and hot. Girls throw themselves on him and he, well, he doesn't minds at all. He was a womanizer and love was never his thing until, he saw her, again.

But she has her own secrets and a very dark past, which Randhir is completely unaware of. What will happen when he'll know about it?

Will he stay with her or leave her isn't the question here. The question is WILL SHE let him FREE or CAN SHE let him Free? Because it doesn't looks like she can or will.

Secrets, mysteries, betrayal, kidnappings, murders and extreme possessive and obsessive love is the story all about.

A sandhir fanfiction
The dialogues are in Hindi for now till I edit them, which I'm doing. 

Extract from the story -

As I rubbed my forehead feeling really tired,  I heard her hiss. 

"Don't. " She hissed again keeping her hands on both the sides of my chair. 

"What? " I asked her frowning. What is she talking about? 

"Don't touch yourself. " She elaborated tilting her head a bit. 

"Why? " I asked in confusion. 

"Because... Only I can do that. " She whispered hovering over me with a 'hopelessly in love' smile on her face.

Um,  okay?

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zarinhaque zarinhaque Jul 30, 2016
Omg the prologue was really amazing please update the next part today itself plzzz darling plzzzzzz I am waiting to read further plz
Eeshabela Eeshabela Jul 29, 2016
Woohhooo... New story.. 
                              But main iss naam ka story likhne wali thi.. But koi nahi.. 
                              Randhir singh shekhawat 😍😍😍
                              And Sanyukta Raichand.. 
                              Amazing Aashi... Update soonish
- - Jul 29, 2016
Interesting... Very interesting 😁 story ko Sanyu k pov m bhi dena 😀
SSwatzzz SSwatzzz Jul 30, 2016
Nerdy sanyu!!!!! Ihmmmm but wanna know more abut sanyu.... this ff is just awsm yar!!! Waiting fr next😘😘😘😘
Miss_Trouble_Maker29 Miss_Trouble_Maker29 Aug 01, 2016
awiee i just read it and now i have a demand 
                              sanyu ka pov bhi dedo hum bhi to dekhe ki what she thinks about our mr. playboy ;)
- - Jul 30, 2016
Amazing part yar...  RD is very. Caring for his friends.. But Sanyu aise kyu h??  Miss nerdy type... Jldi post kr dio aashi ji😁😁😁😁