The Taste Of My Blood

The Taste Of My Blood

13.2K Reads 566 Votes 18 Part Story
Moriatic Acid By SebsLips Completed

Pairing: Sebastian Stan/Reader

Rating: NC-17


WARNING: Mentions of suicide. Mentions of drug abuse. Graphic scenes of attempted suicide. Mentions of depression. Mentions of various mental illnesses. Proceed with CAUTION.

Summary: "I know you want to leave. But friend, please, don't take your life away from me." - Friend, Please ; Twenty Øne Piløts


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ALittleBitDarker ALittleBitDarker Jul 05, 2016
I need another part so freaking hard! I never read english fanfic, but yours are so amazing! Thank you for making my day better ^-^
Bucky_Barnes1013 Bucky_Barnes1013 Jul 06, 2016
Can you update like every ten minutes cuz im already addicted to this haha
fizzywoo fizzywoo Jul 24, 2016
Hi! I'm about to read this! *excited* (I'm Frances btw from fb) =)
SoullessVessel SoullessVessel Jul 25, 2016
Imagine our children.
                              How f*cked would they be?
                              Daddy's a psycho and mommy lives in a dream.
ALittleBitDarker ALittleBitDarker Jul 06, 2016
Again, thank you! I just wake up and the first thing I did is that I read this fanfic. While reading there arive a big truck and I didn't realise until I finished this part 😁