Loron-Jon Stokes' Blog : 2013 - August - 18

Loron-Jon Stokes' Blog : 2013 - August - 18

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Loron-Jon Stokes By CerebrlMarmlade Updated Aug 18, 2013

 Creativity's Quest For Unobtainable Excellence and its Ongoing Argument With Productivity In the Form of Deadlines 

Okay, hands in the air, confession time.

I missed the deadline for the release of my latest novella. My only excuse is the ...ahem ...continued pursuit of unobtainable excellence.

Beyond that is the opposition of deadlines and creative latitudes. Those guys certainly do like to argue!

Creativity basically always says; 'No, this is nothing like the idea you have in your head! Spend longer! Be better!' (And then it usually breaks down into a screaming mess which protests the injustice of the existence of time.)*

Productivity (which only has the single incarnation which is called the deadline) more sort of says; 'What does it matter? There's other stuff to do! Better to get ten things wrong than nothing right! People are waiting!'

Creative time frames go way back. The Old Testament suggests that, for some reason, God thought seven days was about enough time to create ...