Mafia's Finest Beast.

Mafia's Finest Beast.

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❤Toto Africa❤ By Star_born Updated Feb 12

She's not shy, she speaks her mind, she really doesn't know how to control whatever rolls out of her tongue,

She's simply a lady with the vocabulary of a well educated sailor, Sarcasm comes out of her mouth like the air she breaths out.

And him? He's simply a man given the title of Mafia's Finest Beast, but we all know no one can simply be given that title without really fitting the requirements, the man speaks and breaths out terror.

So what happens when these two meet? 

A lady who doesn't hold back her opinion and a man who's not used to being challenged? 

What happens when one day this strange lady he met, points a gun at him and shoots him?

We all know nothing good happens after being shot right? Especially if the one shot is a Mafia "Gentleman" !

They promised to be each other's worst nightmare,

But now their nightmare is slowly turning to be a beautiful dream.

What happens now?



This Story has Muslim characters, but it's simply that, Muslim Characters, My story is not to preach.

My story is also interracial, meaning we are dealing with a black Muslim girl and an Italian man.

I wrote this story hoping to meet other black girls and to unite with other Muslims who enjoy Mafia stories that's all... 

So if you don't like what I've mentioned above..Leave peacefully no one is interested in your negative comments.

All rights Reserved.

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