Trapped by Love

Trapped by Love

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Kayla White's world is shattered when she gets pregnant at nineteen. Her dreams of becoming an olympic swimmer were crushed while her world caved in around her as she learned about parenting and tried to make a life for her and the baby. It only got worse when the baby's father left them just days before their daughter's birth. With no way to track him down Kayla is forced to take on the task of parenthood on her own; alone.

For months Kayla has been so deluded in her own world that Kayla is blindsided when a handsome stranger stops her on the street and sweeps her off her feet. She believes that he could be the one for her, the one to spend the rest of her life with, but what's the real reason he showed up and found an interest in Kayla? What is he hiding? Is there something more than just love going on between them, if you can call it love at all.

sarcasticnerd__ sarcasticnerd__ May 22, 2016
Damn girl that was too straight-forward! If i said something like that to my mom so fast she would have a heart attack or something...
fire_n_ice_girl3549 fire_n_ice_girl3549 Oct 24, 2014
My name is Kayla and I don't remember doing this but maybe that's because I was drunk. LOL
starvingreader starvingreader Sep 08, 2013
Just a question....this chapter sounds familiar, did you use it in another one of your books?
                              Abducted maybe??
ledlighting ledlighting Sep 07, 2013
ALCOHOL = BAD 4 U! That's what happens, you get preggo! Can't wait for more!!! :)
ledlighting ledlighting Sep 07, 2013