Sold To The Gang Leader!

Sold To The Gang Leader!

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Sara is a 21 year old girl who after 3 years at college returns home from NYU.  She was ecstatic to see her family again but she receives bad news because her dad sold her to a Gang Leader because he owed him a lot of money.

Cole Brown.  He is 24 years old and the most feared Gang Leader in the world.  His Gang's name is The Snipers.  He is a cold hearted and arrogant man who show no weakness to his enemies. 

What will happen when Sara and Cole go through challenges that will end up with themselves in love or heartbroken with eachother.  Could Sara possibly love a guy who kills as a living and will Cole love a girl he bought.  We'll see.

Credit to this amazing book cover to @SuperDorkyWriter for making it.  She has a cover book out and if you guys love this book cover and you have a book published make sure to request one from her cause she's amazing at it!!!

This is the third story that I read today with the same storyline  what happened to original work
I loved the description. It had a bunch of mystery at the last part. It's really good. Keep up the good work and please update!!
Of I could vote more than once right now....I would click it till I die. Your doing great!! Keep up the good work!!!